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Meet Our Team!

James Regar - Sky High Services LLC


Navy veteran. Loves woodworking, hiking, and everything outdoors. With college degrees in Physics and Math, why am I in the tree business? Because I'm doing what I enjoy! And taking down a large tree is a game of physics!

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hunter chainsaw - Sky High Services LLC


Hard working guy, loves sports and his cat. Prefers electric chainsaws over gas powered chainsaws. Living his best life :) Yes ladies, he's single.

collin - Sky High Services LLC


Pound for pound the strongest man you'll ever meet. Collin slam dunks logs into the truck almost as quick as he hits 3-pointers on the basketball court. Fun guy to have in the tree gang!

Sky High Services LLC


Mother of three, loves the outdoors and wildlife. She holds our team together and makes everything happen behind the scenes! If you call into our office for a quote you'll likely be greeted by the sweetest person ever :)

dog - Sky High Services LLC


Everyone's favorite member of the tree crew :) He joins at the job site occasionally (with the home owner's permission of course!).

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